Mains & La Grillade


Fish "du jour", sautéed leeks, m/p

Moules frites 26

Six hour lamb shoulder, potato, mint & yoghurt 34

Duck confit, Swiss chard, Morello cherry sauce 32

Grilled "Spatchcock" with Aioli 32

Braised rabbit with grainy mustard sauce 36

Grillades aux feu de bois - From the Fire

Eye fillet 250g – aged, grass fed, (Dijon, Pepper or Béarnaise sauce) 38

Côte de Boeuf 450/750g – aged, grass fed rib of beef, with a Dijon mustard glaze
(suitable for 1 or 2 people) 38/75

Porterhouse 300g – aged, grass fed, with Béarnaise 36

Grills served with “salade & frites”

Our beef is supplied by O'Connor's Gippsland, and dry aged for min 4 weeks